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I totally recommend this service to anyone that is interested. Due to my personal circumstances Painless Bookkeeping were able to get a remission of over 23K in General Interest Charge on my account. They are now renegotiating my payment plan to get it paid off quicker - March 24th 2012 (149k Debt was paid out in 18 months)

Need help with a tax debt?

You started your business and it is doing well and you''re making money and it''s a huge boost to your self esteem and things couldn''t be better.

Somewhere around the 18 month to 3 year mark payg installments kicked in, your gst average per quarter are not small refunds any more, and you never got around to putting aside that gst in an holding account as you had planned.

Now suddenly and it seems like overnight you have a debt with the ATO that you can''t pay and worse they''re calling you.

Don''t try and struggle on... contact the ATO as soon as possible. It is serious.

Leniency is generally given to entities that are trying to comply and keep up communication with the ATO but they will move to recover debts from seriously delinquent payers or debts that continue to grow.

If the debt is for payg the ATO can issue a Director Penalty Notice if you operate under a company or trust. Making you personally responsible for the debt.

If you need help getting that debt under control. We can help in a number of ways.

We can liaison with the ATO on your behalf and negotiate terms and develop a payment plan. We can then introduce some simple cashflow planning so that you can keep up to date with any current debts accrued.

And most importantly incorporate some simple systems so that this does not happen again.

Totally confidence guaranteed!


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