Alex Oxford
Director Spine Tuning Chiropractic

I'm so grateful for having Painless Bookkeeping to handle all my business books. It takes a lot of stress out of keeping my business on track and having the peace of mind knowing that everything is looked after and nothing is missed. I've had other companies create more stress by missing so many things out of the equation. Thank god I found Painless Bookkeeping. Thank you so much for thst extra care and understanding you put in.

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Simply Bas Services

We have registered BAS Agents ready to help you with your compliance needs.

If you want a no fuss BAS service, we can concentrate solely on reporting to the ATO regarding your GST and other BAS obligations. Standard reconciliations are carried out to ensure accurate reporting.

  • We sit down and work out the best and easiest way to obtain the information we need from you
  • We collect and process relevant data to your reporting requirements
  • We convert this information into crucial financial reports (including BAS)
  • We notify you of any suspect transactions
  • We use a checklist so that nothing is missed
  • We conduct phone meetings
  • Free online support and resources

While no doubt this is the cheapest and easiest method to go with keep in mind the onus is on you to supply all the supporting documentation should you be audited. This means keeping receipts and sale invoices for a period of at least five years from the date of the claim.

What is a BAS Service?

And why is it more expensive than basic bookkeeping services? Bas Services encompass GST, PAYG, PAYG, FBT*, Fuel Tax Rebates and other taxes that are required to be reported on your business activity statement and must be performed by a Registered BAS Agent. Agents are registered with the tax practioners board and are required to meet conditions including having adequate insurance.

Your BAS agent has undergone education requirements and is qualified to perform such task as reporting your obligations

IAS Obligations

In certain situation you may be required an Instalment Activity Statement. These are generally issued during months when no gst is reportable or if you are not registered for GST

Our staff are fully qualified to lodge your IAS as well as your BAS obligations

Fringe Benefit Tax

Fringe Benefits can be very confusing, speak to our BAS service providers if you are unsure about whether you need to report or register for fringe benefit tax

Fuel Tax credits

If you use fuel in your business, you may be eligible for fuel tax credit if you sastify the criteria set out by the ATO. We can help you register, work out how much you can claim and report fuel tax credits on your BAS.