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Cash and the availabilty of cash is the livehood of any business.

It would have to be a business''s most crucial resource. Cash comes into a business from four different sources and leaves in much the same way.

The idea is to have more cash coming into the business from your operations and minimising the amount that goes out.

At Painless Bookkeeping we have a strong cashflows focus and offer a variety of services to help you manage your cash.


    • 12 Monthly Cashflows


    • 13 Week Cashflows


    • Cashflows Period Reporting


    • Cashflows Software


12 Monthly Cashflows

At Painless Bookkeeping we run 12 monthly Cash Management Programs and track your progress against predetermined targets at the end of each month. Three or five year plans achieve the best results.

Where do you want to be in five years time?

13 Week Cashflows

We offer a service to help you monitor your day to day cash flows. We can prepare your payments for the week, chase up your debtors and prepare snap reports so you know where your business’s cash flow is
at on a weekly basis

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