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Regular management reporting is critical to the success of any business. It is a crucial tool in uncovering problem areas before they threaten the livelihood of the business and encompasses many areas of the business from cash flows to job costing to the financials.
We design reporting processes by talking to you about your business structure and plans so they we can deliver reports that are the most useful to you.
We use the latest technology so that you or your accountant can log into our secure system and access your information anytime, anywhere and see how your business is progressing. You are supplied with a user name and password.
We can conduct phone meetings to analyse your situation and explain those financial reports in a language you can understand

Need help with a tax debt?

You started your business and it is doing well and you''re making money and it''s a huge boost to your self esteem and things couldn''t be better.

Somewhere around the 18 month to 3 year mark payg installments kicked in, your gst average per quarter are not small refunds any more, and you never got around to putting aside that gst in an holding account as you had planned.

Now suddenly and it seems like overnight you have a debt with the ATO that you can''t pay and worse they''re calling you.

Don''t try and struggle on... contact the ATO as soon as possible. It is serious.

Leniency is generally given to entities that are trying to comply and keep up communication with the ATO but they will move to recover debts from seriously delinquent payers or debts that continue to grow.

If the debt is for payg the ATO can issue a Director Penalty Notice if you operate under a company or trust. Making you personally responsible for the debt.

If you need help getting that debt under control. We can help in a number of ways.

We can liaison with the ATO on your behalf and negotiate terms and develop a payment plan. We can then introduce some simple cashflow planning so that you can keep up to date with any current debts accrued.

And most importantly incorporate some simple systems so that this does not happen again.

Totally confidence guaranteed!


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Cash and the availabilty of cash is the livehood of any business.

It would have to be a business''s most crucial resource. Cash comes into a business from four different sources and leaves in much the same way.

The idea is to have more cash coming into the business from your operations and minimising the amount that goes out.

At Painless Bookkeeping we have a strong cashflows focus and offer a variety of services to help you manage your cash.


    • 12 Monthly Cashflows


    • 13 Week Cashflows


    • Cashflows Period Reporting


    • Cashflows Software


12 Monthly Cashflows

At Painless Bookkeeping we run 12 monthly Cash Management Programs and track your progress against predetermined targets at the end of each month. Three or five year plans achieve the best results.

Where do you want to be in five years time?

13 Week Cashflows

We offer a service to help you monitor your day to day cash flows. We can prepare your payments for the week, chase up your debtors and prepare snap reports so you know where your business’s cash flow is
at on a weekly basis

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Working smarter not harder!

Why budget? It''s a smart investment in your own business! Money spent on budgeting, planning or forecasting will often pay for itself many times over and is essential to any business operation. Even a simple spreadsheet tool will improve your position. It''s a tool that most business cannot do without but often do.

We offer solutions from as little as (around) $800 that you can use year after year. Savings will often start immediately after implementation - so why wait any longer? There is probably no other product out there that can give you a better return of investment than a solid forecasting program can! And will add capital value to your organization!

Budgets and forecasts

Implementing a budget in your workplace will save you money and streamline operations. We produce realistic budgets to help you manage your work flows and track costs. We provide you with excel spreadsheets that you can use year after year.

Best diagnostic results are achieved by looking at figures comparing at least three years performance. So our spreadsheets can be added to year after year so that you get a picture of growth and cycles over the period of your business rather than just a month by month tool.

Approx cost anywhere from $800 once off to $5.000 per annum to implement and run for larger organizations (outsourcing your budgeting requirements makes good business sense).

5 Year Projections

Our Five Year Projections go past the income statement to include projections on balance sheet items such as bank balances, assets and liabilities and your own equity in your operations. In addition, we include a cash flow projection, which reveals the actual movement of cash through your company in a given period. Pre defined assumptions are used. If you are in the start up process we include start up capital in your projections!

Approx cost $7,000 to $10,000 over four to six months depending on size of organization

1- 3 Year Projections

More Basic projections designed to suit your business needs. A basic cash flow projections spreadsheet is a must for any business and is easy to use and follow. We can tailor projections to suit your organization.

Approx cost anywhere from around $800 to $5,000 depending on requirements

We have several diagnostic programs which are a good starting point to implementing any budgets, projections or bookkeeping systems in your workplace. They provide a good starting point to any program or goals you wish to implement

Whether you need help with the Superannuation Guarantee, Workcover, PAYG, Payroll Tax, EOY Reconciliations or simply entering your payroll and sending a payroll to your staff on your behalf... we can help.

Fax, email, upload or even sms your payroll details to us and we will...

  • We enter these details into accounting software and work out your payg withholding
  • We email complying payslips to your employees on your behalf
  • We keep track of annual leave or sick pay entitlements.
  • We supply Tax File Declarations and/or Withholding Declarations
  • We produce Payroll Reports
  • We use a checklist so that noone is missed
  • We print and file paper copies of all payroll reports and these are returned to you collated in a folder
  • Free online support and resources
  • More services available