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Adelaide SA 5000

Bas Agent and Bookkeeping Services covering Metropolitan Adelaide.

+61(0)401 194034

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Adelaide SA 5034

Bas Agent and Bookkeeping Services covering the central Adelaide Region

+61(0)411 095 363

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Adelaide SA 5072

Bas Agent and Bookkeeping Services covering the eastern suburbs.

+61(0)401 622026

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Adelaide SA 5033

Bas Agent and Bookkeeping Services covering Northern Suburbs, Marleston and surrounding suburbs to Glenelg.

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Sydney NSW 2000

Bas Agent and Taxation Services carried out by a Painless Bookkeeping Affiliate. All Areas. CDB Based

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Online Services
All Areas

Bas and Bookkeeping Services covering all areas of Australia using our online portals.

+61(0)401 194034

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+61(0)401 194034

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Painless Bookkeeping has been helping SME''s since 2005.

We have produced a variety of tailor made products to help with your business needs. We work with property developers, Real estate industry, Building Industry, Vets, Retailers, Service industries and many start ups.

Whether you''re a sole trader, a family enterprise or trying to raise capital, we have bas agents and bookkeepers to help you.

Founded in SA

Painless Bookkeeping was founded in South Australia in 2005.

We now have bookkeepers and bas service providers in Sydney and Adelaide and are looking to branch out into other states.

Our online services cater for clients all over Australia, we also service some global companies.

Clients for Life

Painless Bookkeeping operates with a ''clients for life'' policy.

Your success is our success, our objective is to help business''s grow.

Whether you are starting a new business, looking to raise venture capital, expanding into new markets or winding down the business, our experienced staff can help you and can see you through.