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Keeping track of your spending has never been easier
Fax through your purchase invoices and overhead accounts as you receive them (or arrange for them to be sent to us by email or snail mail) and statements and we will tell you what you need to pay:

  • We enter invoices into accounting software
  • We reconcile invoices against the statements each month
  • We provide you with a checklist of your monthly expenses and dates to pay
  • We then prepare a monthly creditor report in excel for your monthly accounts
  • We supply customised remittances and write the checks for you to disburse at your discretion.
  • We notify you of any credits or overpayments that you may have
  • We notify you of any suspect transactions
  • We produce Purchases Reports
  • We use a checklist so that nothing is missed
  • We file invoices and statements, copies of all purchases reports and these are returned to you collated in a folder
  • Free online support and resources

Our Creditor Management System distinguishes between creditors paid on account and your monthly overheads or expenses so that you never miss a payment.

This information produced above can be used for Cash Flow Projections so you will always know exactly where you stand financially