So much more than just bookkeeping

There is so much more to running a business than keeping the books. We offer a wide range of services to help you stay on top. At Painless Bookkeeping we have a client''s for life program and this is reflected in the services we offer. Our policy is to grow with with our clients!
Your business is our business!

More than just bookkeepers!

At Painless Bookkeeping we provide a comprehensive range of services. Whether you are starting up a new business, running an existing business, diversifying or closing down a business - our quality bookkeepers can help you!

Our services range from helping you with staffing problems to managing your cashflows and implementing management information systems. Our goal is to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively! Often bringing with us our tried and tested systems that are based on Australian Standards.

Basic Bookkeeping is the backbone to any program we implement. We have qualified and registered BAS Service Providers and can also provide administration or relief staff for other less qualified duties.

No business is too big or too small to use our services.

Cash and the availabilty of cash is the livehood of any business.

It would have to be a business''s most crucial resource. Cash comes into a business from four different sources and leaves in much the same way.

The idea is to have more cash coming into the business from your operations and minimising the amount that goes out.

At Painless Bookkeeping we have a strong cashflows focus and offer a variety of services to help you manage your cash.


    • 12 Monthly Cashflows


    • 13 Week Cashflows


    • Cashflows Period Reporting


    • Cashflows Software


12 Monthly Cashflows

At Painless Bookkeeping we run 12 monthly Cash Management Programs and track your progress against predetermined targets at the end of each month. Three or five year plans achieve the best results.

Where do you want to be in five years time?

13 Week Cashflows

We offer a service to help you monitor your day to day cash flows. We can prepare your payments for the week, chase up your debtors and prepare snap reports so you know where your business’s cash flow is
at on a weekly basis

Ask Us How

Implement Bookkeeping Systems

Based on ISO standards and tailored to your business needs.

Our Bookkeeping Systems have been designed using a 'bottom's up" approach. It is our philosophy that all employees should be responsible for maintaining budgets and improving valuable cashflow.. These systems have been designed to assist bookkeepers and small to medium enterprises in maintaining reasonable assurance of true and fair accounts.

Used consistently the system can minimize errors, streamline operations, and  forms the basis of all financial and management reporting.

Cost anywhere between $1500 to $6,000 depending on your enterprise

Implement Paperless Office - Go Electronic!

Need help going paperless. We can implement paperless systems in line with  growing technology.

Implement Employee Induction Program

Because of it's popularity we offer a separate Employee Induction Program that you can take out separately without implementing the other systems. Streamline costly process of hiring and training staff. Use over and over again!

Priced from around $1500

All prices are estimates and dependant on your organizations needs

So you like our services but think you can do it all yourself. If you would prefer to we offer coaching programs, designed for your own needs

One on one sessions

Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly

Set or open Agenda

Either face to face or by phone

Phone support

Online/email support

Cashflows Mentoring

12 90 minutes to 3 hour one on one sessions

Covering one of the most crucial areas of your business, availability of cash.

Tiered approach to cover all four areas of cash movements in and out of a business

Increasing Sales and Debtor Management

Cutting your expenses

Working Capital Needs and/or Cash Reserves

Dealing with creditors

And Much More

Let us host your monthly finance meetings

Okay so you now know where you are going and you have budgets in place to track any overspends or problem areas before they begin. Great! But how do I implement all this information - we also offer practical help, we can sit in or even run your monthly finance meetings, set priorities, give insight or just record and implement decisions.

Action Items

Too many times decisions are made at meetings and then nothing is done, unless those decisions are assigned and actioned and reported back again at the next meeting, you could be just wasting your time and valuable money. Our meeting are task orientated. They are all about getting the job done, even if it''s just to remind you or your staff to carry out that task, whether it be re-negotiating creditor terms

Regular management reporting is critical to the success of any business. It is a crucial tool in uncovering problem areas before they threaten the livelihood of the business and encompasses many areas of the business from cash flows to job costing to the financials.
We design reporting processes by talking to you about your business structure and plans so they we can deliver reports that are the most useful to you.
We use the latest technology so that you or your accountant can log into our secure system and access your information anytime, anywhere and see how your business is progressing. You are supplied with a user name and password.
We can conduct phone meetings to analyse your situation and explain those financial reports in a language you can understand


More than just bookkeepers!

At Painless Bookkeeping we provide a comprehensive range of services. Whether you are starting up a new business, running an existing business, diversifying or closing down a business - our quality bookkeepers can help you!