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ur too awesome, how can u make it easier finding an (stress) relief angel when i was recomended your business

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Basic Bookkeeping Services

We offer basic bookkeeping services maintaining your accounting data file. Everything is collected and stored electronically as well as hard copies if you prefer old school filing systems. Most of our services are now offered online using software such as dropbox and receiptbank but we also offer onsite bookkeeping if that is what you require

Cash Accounting Services

Fax, email or upload to us your bank statements, sales and cheque details and credit card statements each month

  • We code your statements to the appropriate accounts and tax code
  • We reconcile your bank statements and credit card statements
  • We notify you of any suspect transactions
  • We use a checklist so that nothing is missed
  • We conduct phone meetings
  • Free online support and resources

Better Management

  • Free up valuable key resources which can be better utilized in core areas of your business
  • No more time spent hiring and training staff in this area.
  • Less risk - outsourcing also does away with the risk of running your accounts department
  • A more efficient workplace.

Go Totally Electronic!

Snowed under by mountains of paperwork? Want to replace that with a totally electronic system... we can show you how.

Research has shown electronic systems are quicker and easier to use than a paper system, and can save you money on storage costs alone.

If you would like some help implementing an electronic system in your workplace and don''t think you have the resources to deploy such an operation... ask us how, you probably already have all the nescessary requirements right there under your nose. If you are strapped for time, let us take care of deployment for you.

No business too big or too small.

All our services come with the electronic delivery option.