Work Smarter not Harder

Why budget? It''s a smart investment in your own business! Money spent on budgeting, planning or forecasting will often pay for itself many times over and is essential to any business operation. Even a simple spreadsheet tool will improve your position. It''s a tool that most business cannot do without but often do.

Budgets and forecasts

Implementing a budget in your workplace will save you money and streamline operations. We produce realistic budgets to help you manage your work flows and track costs. We provide you with excel spreadsheets that you can use year after year. Best diagnostic results are achieved by looking at figures comparing at least three years performance. So our spreadsheets can be added to year after year so that you get a picture of growth and cycles over the period of your business rather than just a month by month tool.

5 Year Projections

Our Five Year Projections go past the income statement to include projections on balance sheet items such as bank balances, assets and liabilities and your own equity in your operations. In addition, we include a cash flow projection, which reveals the actual movement of cash through your company in a given period. Pre defined assumptions are used. If you are in the start up process we include start up capital in your projections!

We have several diagnostic programs which are a good starting point to implementing any budgets, projections or bookkeeping systems in your workplace. They provide a good starting point to any program or goals you wish to implement